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Sooner or later all computer systems will crash.

It might be 3 days from now or it might be 3 years from now but eventually it will happen to all computers.

When it does happen, whether or not your data is backed up, the quality of those backups and the ability to restore those backups will determine if the situation is a mild inconvenience or a catastrophic event.


All of the data on your computer or servers resides on the hard disk drive and is recorded on platters of magnetic media that are spinning at a high rate of speed. Floating on a bearing of air just barely above the platters are heads that read and write the data.

Because the hard disk is a moving part, spinning at a high rate of speed, it will eventually develop wear that will ultimately lead to  the heads touching the platters. This is commonly referred to as a head crash and when it happens, pieces of the magnetic media are shaved off of the platters just like a lathe and any data that was contained in the touchdown area is lost forever.

Normally a head crash will render the drive useless and unreadable, any data that it contained will be lost. Although sometimes data can be recovered from a crashed disk, a professional data recovery specialist can be very costly with no guarantees.

Because head crashes are inevitable, your data must be backed up regularly in such a way that it can easily be put back onto a fresh disk drive. Atronic Systems can provide bullet-proof backup solutions that are cost effective and will turn what might have been a disaster into a mild inconvenience.

Don't wait, backup your data now

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