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Because of it's speed, convenience and general availability a business email system is one the most popular business communication methods available. Depending on the deployment method and how it is used can have a major impact on how effective of a solution it is for your business.

A POP3 business email system is a widely used solution on the Internet. It is a very inexpensive communication platform in that it is not necessary to purchase any client software and the server side of it can be hosted externally from your business or it can be an in-house solution deployed at your place of business.

Business email system and Microsoft Exchange

Business email system and Microsoft Exchange

Atronic Systems can host a POP3 business email system for your organization. We can configure accounts to represent your business domain name as in so that even if you change Internet service providers your e-mail address will continue to represent your business and eliminate the need to notify your customers of email address changes.


ASI also delivers and supports the Microsoft Exchange server platform combined with the Microsoft Outlook client as a more comprehensive, full featured  business email system.

Microsoft Exchange integrates with your Microsoft Active Directory domain and provides an extremely robust set of features including:

  • Exchange distribution lists restricted to authenticated users.

  • Exchange public folder available to all users with permissions.

  • Exchange shareable calendaring information with permissions.

  • Exchange shareable mailbox configurations with permissions.

  • Exchange global address list available to all users.

  • Exchange OWA - browser access to your mailbox.

  • Exchange OMA - cell phone/PDA access to your mailbox.

With a long list of other features, Microsoft Exchange is one of the most widely deployed business email solutions in the world.

Business email system and Microsoft Exchange

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