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Servers are the heart of most modern networks. Because all network users depend on the availability, performance and reliability of their servers, careful attention must be placed on the configuration of the server.

Atronic Systems custom builds every server to meet your specific needs. We will ensure that all of the factors listed below have been taken into account and explained after working with you to determine a network server solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Some factors that must be taken into account when designing a network server configuration are listed below.

Network Servers


Network Servers


There are many types of network servers, file servers, application servers, database servers etc. The specific purpose of a server will have a major impact on how it should be configured and its ability to serve the needs of the network users.



The number of users connecting to a network server and the number of files or applications being served up to the users will govern the resources required. CPU speed, the number of CPU's, the amount of memory, disk size, and disk speed are just some of the factors that must be taken into account to ensure adequate performance.

Network Servers

Network Servers

Fault Tolerance

Because a network server's roles and its availability are critical to all of its users, attention must be placed on the servers ability to tolerate errors. Disk subsystems, power supplies and error-correcting memory are some of the more commonly configured fault tolerant items in network servers.


Form Factor

Whether it be a stand alone standard pedestal server or a high density rackmount farm of network servers, there are several options in the physical dimensions of the server as well as weight and cooling requirements that must be taken into account.

Network Servers

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