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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a hot networking technology trend that is promising to replace traditional remote access and site-to-site connectivity solutions with a lower cost solution using the public IP infrastructure of the Internet.

VPN technology can add secure accessibility to your existing network from any location with an Internet connection. A VPN can also be deployed as a  network-to-network VPN which joins two or more private networks together through an Internet encrypted VPN tunnel.

The first step towards having a VPN is to have a High Speed Internet connection that will support VPN technology. There are many reasons to have the Internet  connection, among them: doing market and competitive research, accessing updated industry news and information, and establishing a communication network among diverse people from the business community, such as customers and business partners via e-mail.

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPN Virtual Private Network

Because VPN technology uses the public IP network infrastructure of the Internet as the data transport backbone and the Internet is not a secure medium, security must be at the top of the list when designing and implementing a VPN. But a properly configured, secure VPN technology can provide many benefits to your organization.

Secure remote access for:

  • Files and database services
  • Private Intranet information support
  • Private e-mail services
  • Human resource materials
  • After hours access to LAN resources
  • Support of mobile workers and business travelers
  • Branch office workers
  • Monitored Internet access
  • Business partner support restricted access
  • Resellers, suppliers and corporate customers

Having a VPN on your Local Area Network and Internet connection supports your users ability to work remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection as if they were onsite connected to the local network. Whether it be for remote users or traveling users, VPN technology enables users to be productive even when not in the office.

Atronic Systems can deploy a variety of VPN technology solutions, as well as the Internet backbone and we can provide service and support on the whole package.  Contact Atronic Systems about VPN technology, we'll work out a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

VPN Virtual Private Network

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