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Wireless networks can add a tremendous level of convenience for the users on your network. Wireless networks integrated with your wired network is generally an inexpensive enhancement to the network and fairly easy to deploy.

Although wireless networks are an easy to deploy solution, careful attention must be made to the security configuration of wireless networks because a physical connection to the is not required to access the network.

Wireless networks do have the capability to be configured with many security features but often these security schemes tend to complicate installation for unfamiliar users. 

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks

Most wireless network products are distributed with a default configuration that has absolutely no security provisions. Quite often, when people that are unfamiliar with wireless networks, deploy these systems in their default configuration they are surprised at the ease of installation.

Unfortunately this default installation is the reason there are a great many wireless networks that are currently deployed with little or no security. When configured without security, complete accessibility to your network can be had by anyone willing to look and in fact unauthorized access can even occur by accident.

Atronic Systems can deploy a wireless network  solution that will provide maximum  convenience and security. Contact Atronic Systems about wireless networks. We'll work out a solution that meets your needs, fits your budget and and maintains your network security.

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